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Wheel wobble!

jerz Sep 18, 2007

  1. jerz

    jerz New Member

    Hi, new to this site but was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I had a new front tyre fitted and the mechanic did not put the wheel back correctly! Subsequently the wheel came loose (whilst doing 70 down the motorway with alot of violent shaking!) and ended up coming away from the car. Luckily the car did not hit the floor as I was coming to a stop and the wheel caught under the arch. Obviously I took the car back and got them to deal with it and had it checked at a second garage just to be sure. Since then I have had a wobble at 70 mph onwards. I have the wheels balanced and the tracking sorted but it is still happening.have checked the bearings and there is no play, but could one be damaged? Any advice as to where to look next would be great.

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