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Wheel weights and balancing.

Dazmo Sep 11, 2011

  1. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    I had some 15" alloys fitted with some new tyres recently.

    I had a look and noticed that some of the wheels have weights missing and some have more than others?

    How am i supposed to know which need weights and which don't and how many i need?

    I bought the alloys off ebay, they are in great condition but just not sure if they are balanced correctly or which axle i should put them on?
  2. sewell10

    sewell10 Member

    take them to a tyre place and they will check them on the machine
  3. unikarl

    unikarl Member

    Every wheel and tyre will need a different amount of weights in different places and I can guarantee that if you take them to a tyre place they will just say that they all need rebalancing no matter what. It seems that almost every tyre balancer seems to say a different thing.

    As long as they are the same width and the tyres match then it doesnt matter which axel you put them on really. jUst fit them, drive it at 60mph plus and see how it feels... If they wobble then get them re balanced.

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