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Wheel & Tyre question

Pinknoise Jun 14, 2009

  1. Pinknoise

    Pinknoise Cock in an Audi

    What would 7.5x18 ET54 rims sit like on a C6 S-Line?

    What would 225/40/18 tyres run like instead of 225/40/18? According to a tyre calculator online they are only 2% slower than stock.

    All thoughts and input will be appreciated!
  2. Cockney Boy

    Cockney Boy Member

    Looking at your wheel size, i take it you are looking for an after market rim? the 225/40/18 will fit but i would go for a 235 that should already be on your A6. It will help if you could say where your from, as someone may know a dealer who can sort these out.

    I have 20" Audi rims on my A6 that are 245/40/20 they nice and quiet and i get very little road noise as i fill them with Nitrogen.

    If you go for a bigger rim size, remember that you will have to re-program your Audi via VAG-COM to accept the new rim diamiter.
  3. Pinknoise

    Pinknoise Cock in an Audi

    First of all, sorry my second question should have read what would 225/40 run like instead of 245/40/18.

    Does nitrogen really help diminish road noise?

    Reprogram the car for bigger wheels? I have full version VAG-COM, but not a CAN BUS lead. Would my 2005 A6 be can bus?
  4. CO11K9

    CO11K9 Member


    Have you got any pics of your wheels on your car?
    I am thinking of getting 20 inch wheels on my A6 Avant 2001, or going for the cheaper 19ins..................what do you think?
  5. Pinknoise

    Pinknoise Cock in an Audi

    The other wheels i'm thinking of fitting with the 225/40/18 came of an S3. They are BBS CH rims.
  6. Yellowtrophy

    Yellowtrophy Member

    ET54 offset wheels will sit so far under the arches your car will look like a motorbike! The standard rims on my 3.0TDI S-Line (C6) are ET42, and they sit a little further under the arches than I'd like. Ideally, you want ET35-37. I suppose you could always fit hubcentric spacers, but that is even more money.

    As for the BBS CH rims, I think they look to small at 18" for the design of the wheel - the 19" style strectches them out a little better, and really shows them off.

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