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Wheel/tyre/damage/refurbishment issues

steve184 Sep 29, 2009

  1. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    Hi all,

    Following on from some previous threads (started new thread as old thread headers don't suit anymore)

    After having three wheels damaged after having two new tyres fitted and a puncture repaired, have today had had the wheels delivered back to me, refurbished.

    I'm at a loss as what to do now as they have come back and they are absolutely awful. They have a lot of orange peel so hardly any shine/gleam, colour off from original colour, flaws in paint, dust, spec, etc - just awful - and they expect me to accept them. For the sake of fullness - beforehand they were flawless originals, no scuffs (ever) never repaired, completely factory original.

    I originally asked for new wheels because i suspected that no wheel refurbishment could come up to the standard of a brand new wheel and looks like i was indeed correct.

    What should I do? So far I have refused to accept them back and i now have my car sat on my drive on axle stands!!!! :(
  2. A3Tom

    A3Tom Smell my finger.

    Sounds to me like they've used the cheapest refurb place they could find.

    dont be put off by a refurb though, because decent companies turn out some great finishes.

    For example..


    I'd refuse them back and tell them the standard of finish is far below what you expect and you want them done again.

  3. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    damn - i've posted in wrong section - should be the 8p section - can anyone move this thread?


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