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Wheel Swap for My Audi S3 Anyone Interested

Usual Suspect Jul 29, 2012

  1. Usual Suspect

    Usual Suspect New Member

    As above I would like to swap my Genuine Audi S3 Rims with the Speedline wheels

    Part number for speedline wheels I want is: 8P0 601 025 AJ

    I only want to swap the rims not the tyres

    I do not want to swap for any other wheels other than the one in the picture below

    My wheels are in good nick with the exception of slight laquer peel around edges

    If any one is interested please get In touch and call me on:

    07983 222 677

    I am based in Bedfordshire

    Below are pictures of my wheels and a picture of the wheels I want

    Many thanks

    Wheels I want:


    My current wheels:




  2. reepers

    reepers Member


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