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Wheel Stone Chip :(

MattyW19 May 20, 2011

  1. MattyW19

    MattyW19 Member

    My car seems to be attracting stone chips! Within having the car 2 hours, I had one on the bonnet (small - but straight to the metal) and another which has just chipped the paint (again on the bonnet). I'm going to leave these because obviously the car is to be used and cannot be kept immaculate (I try my best to though!).

    However, within having it 2 weeks I picked up a fairly large stone chip on one of my wheels. Its quite big to be honest, and you can see it clearly. It's about 5mm (on one of the spokes), so I was wondering is there anyway I could touch this up? At the time I was considering having the wheel refurbished because it was annoying, but is there some sort of recommended touch up paint I could use, or am I best leaving well alone?
  2. Kriminal

    Kriminal Member

    Hi mate. As per the one on the bonnet which has gone back to the metal.....make SURE you touch that one in for definite. Leaving exposed metal to the elements can cause rust! So, first and foremost, touch that one in.

    As for the wheels. Hmm....I'm not too sure on any particular company that would be able to mix up an EXACT identical colour, as there are so many different silvers, etc. What I've done in the past with wheels is to pop into somewhere like Halfords and kindly ask the person if they'll come out with you, and take various silver touch-ins. Then hold the bottle against the wheel and pick the closest you can find. It's worked for me in the past ;-)
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  3. jbs2472

    jbs2472 Active Member

    I only had my car a few weeks now from Brand new and have 3 chips on the front spoiler - went to Audi and ordered a touch up kit £6

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