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wheel spacers

B5QUAT Jun 1, 2012

  1. B5QUAT

    B5QUAT Member

    Following on from my recent fitment of B6 S4 barkes, I have now found that my wheels (BBS LM reps) do not fit.

    I have had to buy 15mm wheel spacers and longer bolts to clear the calipers.

    This raises 2 questions:

    1) Should I also space out the rears by the smae amount to equal things up?

    2) a 30mm wider track seems like quite a lot to me. Will this be likely to cause any issues I should be aware of?

    My 17" Avus wheels go straight on with no probs (without the spacers) so would I be better flogging the LMs and going back to them?

    Any info gratefully received.

  2. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    I have had 25mm ones on the back of my car with 15mm up front. Was fine for me. I would just see if you can get hold of someone locally to try and check it doesn't make the wheels stick out the arches. Otherwise when you go over a bump you will rub.

    Have you got a thread on the brakes? I like how these still fit under 17s.
  3. B5QUAT

    B5QUAT Member

    Thanks for the reply. Put mu mind at rest a bit. There is a thread a few days ago of mine with pics on. Going to put some pics up this week of the finished conversion. They look awesome. Absolutely fill the 18" LMs I've got on at the moment.

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