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Wheel Selection?

S3 DCX Apr 30, 2008

  1. S3 DCX

    S3 DCX New Member

    Hi guys,
    Just a quick query that I hope somebody can help me with. I am looking to change the standard wheels on my 08 S3, but am unsure as to what size limitations are? Would like to keep everything as standard as possible, i.e. no spacers or arch rolling etc. Think I will struggle but would like some 997 turbo or rs6 reps if possible.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. dsl55

    dsl55 exploring other avenues

    don't think you'll get porsche reps to fit although I may be wrong, think they are 5x130, check out www.wheelsworldwide.co.uk and look at the 'audi prestige' selection (basically reps)

    personally i'd stick with the standard wheels if you dont want to spend too much, BBS LM's look very good but will set you back a few quid

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