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Wheel refurb colours

fishman85 Mar 12, 2009

  1. fishman85

    fishman85 New Member

    Right i'm after getting sick of looking at the few scraps which are there on the wheels. I have a nogaro blue S3 standard with the standard 17" avus wheels. Was think of changin the colour. I heard ess_three had black on his old car but i can't find pics anywhere. Any ideas on what will still look well with the noggy?
  2. Rikster23

    Rikster23 On the facelift path...

    Im going to refurb my wheels this weekend also.

    I have same wheels as yours and going to try a darker grey. Anthracite I think its called.

    It will look nice on a blue car. But I am going to see if I can find the colour at Halfrauds.
  3. Darkshrimp

    Darkshrimp Member

    yea i heard about Anthracite, and thought about it too, but dont' think that will look nice on my maroon car.

    i'm getting the same wheels, and thinking of just getting it done in gloss black, i reckon that's the only colour that goes with maroon
  4. Rikster23

    Rikster23 On the facelift path...

    After ploughing through the forums I came across a thread and there are some phots of the colour I am after.

    If you scroll down to Dans Audi, the last picture is the colour I am after. It is light grey and I think it will look nice on my alloys.

    At least here is some visual ideas for you.


    Hope Dan doesnt mind.

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