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Wheel question

Daggerit Dec 17, 2012

  1. Daggerit

    Daggerit Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    I've had a look about on tinternet but am struggling to find the correct size of the 19" A4 black edition rotors and their offset. I know that I could look at the wheel but to be honest I don't have the time to be jacking the car up and messing about trying to see in the back of the wheel if someone knows off the top of their head...

    I think that they're 19x9's with ET33, is that correct?

    I was looking at the new RS4 wheels so was curious if they'd fit basically but need the original size/offset to work it out.

    Cheers lads,

  2. Daggerit

    Daggerit Well-Known Member

    Never mind, looking like this might be for A5 fitment instead...

    A4 seems to be 19x8.5 ET43 instead which would mean the wheel would stick 23mm further out and smash the hell out of my arch. :wtf:

    Shame because I think that they would look awesome. If anyone knows any different then please feel free to let me know, especially if it's good news. ;)
  3. 5102 IA

    5102 IA Member

    Unfortunately your second post is correct!
    I've been looking around too, considering the same RS4 look, but changing up from from the 8.5x19 speedlines.
    Although really after the RS4 20" rotors, clearly the offset will be even less suitable (estimating about et26) with those extended arches, so I'd looked at the 9x19 et33 rotors as they appear more available, but they are the A5/RS5 wheel. Real shame as the et33 would be nicely concave!
    That said, from what I've read, you could pull the et33 fitment off, but only with a 225 or 145 setion tyre, but I'm not into that stretched look that you'd get on a 9" rim.
    I've been looking for some 8.5x20 replica rotors in a mid to upper 30et, but reps are hard to come by in a 20, even Hartmann onlylook to go up to a 19 at the moment. Maybe when the new RS4 is a little more popular we'll see some decent reps with a useable off set.

  4. Daggerit

    Daggerit Well-Known Member

    Dammit, that's what I was afraid of... :(

    Oh well, I guess if I'm gonna go for new wheels I'll have to resort to the OZ ones I was looking at then. :)

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