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Wheel offset

echo_mike May 15, 2014

  1. echo_mike

    echo_mike New Member


    I'm about to place the order for the S3 Sedan, but have few questions regarding the wheel packages. I love the look of the 19" parallel spoke rims that come with performance pack but at additional $5,000 AUD price tag, it's above my budget. The second option that I'm looking at is the 18" Rotor Style, so I'm just wondering:

    Does anyone know what is the offset for 8J x 19" Parallel Spoke (S3) rims and also what's the offset of 8J x 18" Rotor style?

    I just want to know if the Rotors will look further inside the wheel arch compared to 19"s.

    Also my dealer told me that there might be an issue sourcing 18" Rotor wheels for the sedan; if that happens, would the dealer cheat me and swap them from 18" Sportback wheels since look the same but are 7.5" wide instead of 8"? I definitely don't want the 7.5" as they would be tucked in too far...

    Anyone got any ideas?


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