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Wheel offset - spacing

Einarrson Sep 21, 2009

  1. Einarrson

    Einarrson New Member


    Great forum. I just got hold of a Wreg A3 1.6. However the previous owner has fitted 17" wheels and the front o/s wheel is catching on the inner wing on full lock. Must need some spacers I thought.

    I rang Audi in Leeds who were very helpful and were able to tell me that the factory wheels offset is ET38 and the offest for the wheels on it now is ET32. They couldn't tell me what size spacers I needed though.

    The wheels are tyres are 225/45/17 and the wheels are 6 spoke style, will post pics of one later. The number from behind the centre cap is 8N0 601165 A if that's any help.


    EDIT: Have had a closer look and it's not the wheel catching but with the front jacked up the o/s wheel stops when on full lock to the right. There is a lot of squeaking coming from the o/s suspension turret and there is a loud 'twanging' noise coming from the front when turning the steering wheel past the middle.

    Will start a new thread as the title of this one is no longer appropriate.
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