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Wheel help!

Nev1984 Oct 14, 2012

  1. Nev1984

    Nev1984 New Member

    hello all

    going to order some rs4 reps ( to be used for the winter to keep my genuine rs6's clean!) i have a 2004 8p that is lowered 30mm, im looking at 2 sets of wheels

    5x112 et 35
    5x112 et 45

    need help on which will fill the arch best but not rub? going to order them tonight!

  2. TimG

    TimG Active Member

    Et 35 will fill the arch more, but it depends massively On how wide they are and what tyre you intend to run! Et 45 is typically the better ofset with say a 8.5 inch wheel.

    My 8.5" wheels sit flush and are et45 up front and et37 at the rear but i run a 215 tyre with stretch to clear the arches.

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