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Wheel choices

AJS Apr 6, 2010

  1. AJS

    AJS New Member

    2007 Jan 56 plate S3 in sprint blue.

    I have genuine audi wheels at the mo, but the previous owner has had them refurbed and the quality is pretty rubbish.

    Q1, any places in Norfolk area that you use to refurb
    Q2, would a set of RS6 genuine alloys fit, PCD is same but ET is different. Would they look ok, not sure.
    Q3, thinking if i go for refurb option, what colour? Quite fancy a graphite grey finish, what do you think with the S3 being blue.

    Great forum and so friendly unlike the BMW forum i used to use
  2. jsws3

    jsws3 Member

    BBS wheels all day long mate and use the other wheels for winter mate

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