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Wheel bearing

tdia4 Aug 17, 2010

  1. tdia4

    tdia4 TDIPOWARRR

    After a set of front wheel bearings for my A4, i emailed i guy on ebay selling them, he had it advertised as "Front wheel bearing kit for audi a4 95-2000, i sent him my reg plate because it said to and he said he didnt have one for my car. So are the b5 A4's fitted with different ones?

    My cars a 98 on a R plate, 1.9tdi 110. Can anyone help in finding me the correct part.
  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    There are two bearing sizes, 75mm and 82mm.

    Not sure what a 110 TDI would have as standard, but i'd guess the 75mm ones.

    What i've seen so far, is 75mm cars have a 14mm hex head on the big bolt in the middle, 82mm cars have a 17mm one, so that might prove easy to check.

    I'd buy the bearings somewhere reputable, All German Parts gets my vote.

    Ebay might save you a few quid, but fitting cheapo bearings just doesnt make any sense, as they're such a faff to change. Buy **** ones and you'll be doing the job again far too soon.
  3. tdia4

    tdia4 TDIPOWARRR

    Ok cheers buddy, I'll go to my local motor factors and see what they can turn up.
  4. voteforpedro

    voteforpedro Member

    Yeah, be careful of eBay ones. I bought a cheap pair of rear bearings from eBay. 500 miles later and 3 months later I got an MOT advisory on one of them.

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