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Wheel bearing I think?

takworldwide Aug 1, 2011

  1. takworldwide

    takworldwide Member

    Hi everyone,

    I think my wheel bearing has colapsed. From about 30mph upto 70mph there is a werring noise from my offside front wheel. As I
    increase speed noise seems to get louder. My question is what are they like to replace?not sure whether to bring it my garage where it was done last year, or to get my hand dirty this weekend. Problem is I don't have a press or bench to work from, so I would be working on te ground.

    Just out of interest how long is a bearing suppose to last as I have only done about 10k in the since it was done last!

  2. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)

    You will need a press to do a wheel bearing basically, either that or a suitable hub puller.

    Easy way to tell if it is te cearing is to jack up, spin the wheel and put your hand on the coil spring. You will be able to feel bearing 'grind' through the spring which makes it obvious.

    You could do what I do with that sort of thing, take the hub off yourself and take it to a garage to press the bearing.
  3. takworldwide

    takworldwide Member

    Oh it's way past just noisy now,decided to jack it up when I got home!thank god I did! The wheel was litarally hanging off like a wobbly
    Tooth. I rang the garage found out it was done 13 months ago so out of warranty,also found out the part was from euro car parts! I think there cheap for reason.

    Cheers welly for the info, I thought I might need some type of press/puller.

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