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Wheel Bearing 05 S-Line TDI Avant

Good 2 B A Gooner Aug 25, 2009

  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone help, have a problem with my A4....
    When i'm driving at around 35/40 ish, i can hear what sounds like a grhgrhgrhgrhgrhgrh type noise...! Sounds a bit like there's a micro-light flying above me?!
    Any ideas of prices etc for a bearing, apparently if it has the ABS part it can get costly :faint:
    The faster i go the louder it gets - Want to drive on the motorway on Sunday, would this be dangerous?

    Not to impressed - Glove box hinge broke the other day, also and had to fix the outside door handle....

    My A3 1.8T never put a foot wrong in 5 years!

    Thanks in advance :salute: [​IMG]
  2. pitch3110

    pitch3110 Member

    I have a similar noise on mine.
    Took it to the dealers who confirmed all ok and blamed the tyres, which were nearly on the blocks.
    New rubber fitted and noise is gone.

    Worth a thought
  3. stevehall

    stevehall Member VCDS Map User

    Yeah i had the same, New tyres and all quiet now..

    And my glove box is bust! Bloody things!
  4. Thanks guys,

    Took it into my local garage today, confirmed as offside wheel bearing - £218 fitted, so not too bad, apparently not common....

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