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Wheel Advice - Pictures wanted?

69COU Aug 13, 2006

  1. 69COU

    69COU Member

    Hi Guys

    I have recently got a Black 2003 A4(B6) 1.9TDI which is quite well specked up with just about every interior optional extra.

    Only issue is the wheels 16" Tapaz design that I think let the car down.
    On top of this two of the tyres are getting low on Tread so time for some options.

    Suspension is standard height.

    Option 1 - Quite like the 17" Star alloys- Anyone want to sell a set?
    Perhaps try and get a good set of OEMs wuth resonable tyres.

    Option 2 Really like the 18" RS6 wheels.
    I want to retain a factory look and my concern is the 18" RS6 wheels would not look right without lowered suspension as with the S line models.

    Also whildst i know you can pick up replicas for pretty good money, I would love to get OEMs if going this route. ( Again anyone looking to sell OEMs?)

    Any opnions and if anyone has fitted RS6 wheels to standard suspenion saloon A4 who can put up some pictures.

  2. FrankG

    FrankG Member

    Here is A before shot with non sport suspension on 18" RS4 rep's......


    And here is the after with H&R lowering Springs and Kone adjustable shocks.....
  3. JGrant1285

    JGrant1285 Sir Scouser Benitez

    i didnt want to make another thread about this, i'm in a similar situation. Ive got an 52 A4 TDI Sport that has got a set of RS6 19" rims, which are basically scuffed and kerbed. The price of refurbishment & new tyres is higher than a new set of 18" RS6's. Im looking to get a brand new set of 18" RS6's with tyres from Rochford tyres, do you think that they will look ok with the sport suspension because it looks great with the 19" on at the moment. What does every1 think? Has anybody got any pics??
  4. ribena

    ribena Member


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