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What's with the badge deletion thing?

jet_andy Jul 22, 2013

  1. squashmanontour

    squashmanontour Member

    Maybe as Fragup suggests I should have gone for a Pano then I could wear the helmet when the roof was open.
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  2. deci

    deci Active Member

    Let's look at this from the opposite perspective... what use does a badge on a car have? Why does it need to be there? What's it's purpose? From a manufacturer point of view I can only imagine it serves as advertising. From ownership perspective I can only think it's there to boast if you have a high spec car?

    I haven't had a badged car in my life as I think cars look much better without them. If I could, I would've specced a removal of the s-line badge on the side too. If I owned an RS3 or a 1.4 petrol i'd want it debadged regardless.
  3. Gordo77

    Gordo77 Well-Known Member Team Navarra Audi S3 Manual

    Would anyone actually consider removing the Audi rings from the front and back?
    Maybe removing them from the front isn't actually possible...?
  4. Daveotto

    Daveotto Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team Floret Silver Gold Supporter Audi S3 S3 Saloon

    I am sure you can ask you dealer to remove it during PDI or do it yourself with the help of a hair dryer and apiece of fine wire.
  5. Gordo77

    Gordo77 Well-Known Member Team Navarra Audi S3 Manual

    I think dental floss also does the trick!
  6. deci

    deci Active Member

    I asked if I could have it removed too and was told 'no.'

    I like the Audi rings as it's a classy looking badge and finishes the car off well. Plus you'd need to replace the grill if you removed them from the front.
  7. smk82

    smk82 Active Member

    Exactly the reason I've done mine! Its especially a pain when polishing!
  8. Artimus

    Artimus Shortback

    I photo shopped a plain back end & didn't like the naked look, so I moved the A3 badge up & inboard a little, then I swapped the 2.0T badge for an s-line badge (also moved up & in) so traffic light racers think it's a 1.2 & don't bother me. :)
  9. 1.6tdi

    1.6tdi Member

    This is a Germany thing. When I worked in Munich in the mid '80s my boss explained it started when the country was going through a period of austerity. Those people who could no longer afford the top spec big engine car had the badge deleted so it was not obvious to their friends and neighbours that they did not have as much to spend as before. For those people who still had the money to spend on top spec big engine versions they did not want to offend their friends and neighbours by a display of "conspicuous consumption"
  10. wanton

    wanton Member

    Exactly why I debadged my car! :)
  11. Tolak

    Tolak Member

    A previous car of mine was bought with misleading badges, so it claimed to be something it wasn't.
    When I first got it, I didn't even realise what it was claiming to be, then I did, and had no problem with that. It also had a kit fitted to it that was prestigious, but was not advertised, and I had no problem with that..
    Most of the time, I'm not using the performance of the car, so claiming to have more was not an issue.

    I plan to debadge the A4; those who know will not need the badge, and those who don't can imagine it to be better than it is.
    It's a little bit like telling people you have a secret; someone else having one, no matter how small, can be irksome, so have one yourself, and ensure you have a chance to give them irk back! Because whilst you are an expert in your own car model, do you really know all the combinations of the other cars in the Audi range, across all sorts of models? Really?
    And if someone fits wheels off a different model, do you feel the urge to deride them? How much of that car do they have to fit to be "entitled" to a badge off it? Wheels? RARB? Grill? Bumper? Steering wheel? Fuel economy? Performance?

    No, feel free, if a bit of chrome and red will improve the image for you of your car, fit it and enjoy it. In the end, as long as you clean it and then stand back to enjoy, look back at it, or enjoy looking at it as you walk up to it, then the styling of the car pleases you, and that is what matters.
  12. AJB

    AJB Active Member

    I think Audi stopped putting the engine size on the badging because turbos and varying maps made it irrelevant. A 1.4 turbo petrol was more powerful than the old 1.6 non-turbo. Even the 1.2 was slightly more powerful. In the diesels, the 1.9 turbo ranged from 90 to 150bhp. I'd much rather they stopped putting the engine size than lying about it like Mercedes and BMW do.As to why debadge, personally I deleted the engine tech, as I don't see much point on a badge saying it's petrol-any more than I want a badge saying it's got independent rear suspension or a manual gearbox. I left the A3 badge on as I quite like the font.
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  13. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon

    Hi, the trouble with debadging is it's association with chavs who debadge there lowly corsa's so nobody knows there are either a 1.1l petrol or a diesel, then 'chav' their cars up to look like something faster. Personally I don't want my car to give that impression...
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  14. Daveotto

    Daveotto Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team Floret Silver Gold Supporter Audi S3 S3 Saloon

    On my way over to France this week there was a great looking highly modified from a look perspective 1 series BMW in front of me on Eurotunnel with a couple of Essex chavvy types (btw I was brought up in Essex). When I checked its details on "my car check" I found it was a 114BHP 116 and did not appear engine modifieed when I passed it soon as we got onto the motorway in Calais
  15. PilotAudi

    PilotAudi New Member

    Deleting badges and sticking on poser plates (PP's) do nothing for me.
  16. j0nny2013

    j0nny2013 Active Member

    I debadged mine just simply because it was "different". Looked cleaner and liked the look of it. My personal opinion. Nothing to do with having a smaller enginer because I didnt order a smaller engine.

    Everyone has different reasons! some like some dont. Really makes no odds! either way it looks immense.
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  17. Fragup

    Fragup Member


    same for me , ordered de badge as looks cleaner / less cluttered and a little bit more unique, and was a no cost option.
    its not that I hate the badges, but they seam a little pointless for anyone other than for the second hand car salesmen.
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