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Whats the part called?

Wheel Pimp Aug 8, 2010

  1. Wheel Pimp

    Wheel Pimp Member

    Hey guys,

    How are we all today?
    Has anyone ever had the problem of the Xenon headlights aiming at the floor?

    Well I have and i've found the reason why. My Self-Leveling thinger-me-bob for the headlights, on the rear wishbone has broken!

    Now does anyone know what this part is called as i can't seem to find one anywhere on this earth!
    I've tried Headlight Self Leveling Module, Sensor and just about any other part i can think of calling it!

    Cheers guys.
  2. zseth

    zseth Member

    i broke mine the other day, went scrappies and got one for 30 quid, think it was called self levelling suspension sensor or thingy bob majee lol

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