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What's the depreciation for the a3 3.2 dsg going to be like from now?

ikechukwu Aug 23, 2006

  1. ikechukwu

    ikechukwu New Member

    Basically I'm now torn between the s3 or a3 3.2 dsg as my next car. I previously considered a s4 but have pretty much dismissed the idea due to it being to big and understated for my need and the fuel consumption.
    I have test driven the 3.2 dsg and thought it was quick but it didnt feel rapid, however I am prepared to sacrifice the performance becuase of the excellent interior of the car and because the car had only done 6000 miles which could mean the engine might not have been worn in properly. However I am concerned about the depreciation on this car as the big engineed a3's dont seemto be too popular and also the new s3 is coming out.
    The s3 on the other has to this point held it's value better but my only concern is the engine is lacking the character of the a3 3.2's and it's exhaust note is not as thrilling. If the s3 will hold it's value better than the a3 over the next year I will probaly buy it and chip it as I dont won't to be hit with depreciation.

    All comments will be greaatly appeciated !!! :biggrin:
  2. Covenant

    Covenant Member

    No doubt, the S3 will hold value much better and be a lot easier to sell when the time comes.
  3. paul_b

    paul_b Member

    Buying new the S3 clearly looks the best bet.
    Depreciation can be good though, if you're buying used a 3.2 for a little over 15 grand it looks like great value for money. Half the price of a new S3 with a few options and not that much more than an old shape S3 - which you need to spend a bit on tuning anyway.
  4. S_Line

    S_Line Member

    Yep i agree as a 3.2 owner i have seen the value dive bomb :(

    Making a low millage used one exellent value to buy. But i still feel the 3.2 will still rocket downward in value over the next few years :(
    Deffinatly go for the S3 it will hold the value far better ove rhte years.

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