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newsboy May 3, 2008

  1. newsboy

    newsboy Member

    ive paid quite a substantial deposit on my preface lift will i lose my deposit if i cancel as i would like the facelift model now. also the audi dealer never informed me there would be a facelift model. all they do is say audi never informed them even though it was all over the internet. WHATS THE CHANCE OF GETTING MY MONEY BACK AND REORDERING
  2. newbiecrg

    newbiecrg windsurfer

    I would say that if you expose the case carefully they will consider postponing your order so you get the new facelift...

    If they don't just bargain that you were really commited because you gave a substantial deposit and your expectations about costumer care are not being meet by their reluctance in giving you what you want, which is not unreasonable...

  3. Issac Hunt

    Issac Hunt Active Member VCDS Map User

    No need to shout!! I guess it may depend how long your order has been placed? If the car has been allocated a build slot then you may find it is not possible to cancel your order without losing some/all of your deposit.

    As you intend to purhase another then car then you may be allowed to transfer this deposit to your new vehicle, best getting proper confirmation from your dealer IMO.
  4. MarcQuinlivan

    MarcQuinlivan Active Member

    Not sure to be honest.

    Posting the question three times on this forum probably won't help! (just kidding)

    I agree that once you've been allocated a build slot it is impossible to change. Your only hope may be that the garage have somebody else who would prefer a pre-facelift model, or someone who cannot wait 8-10 weeks to get hold of the car, who they can offload it to.

    Failing that, you can cancel the order but more than likely lose your deposit and then place a fresh order.

    Not sure arguing that the dealer never told you a facelift was coming despite it being all over the internet is the way to go. They'll just say that if you read it on the internet that you should have known it was coming. Best to leave that part out of the discussions.

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