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whats the bhp of this a4 ?

rockstar Jun 27, 2004

  1. rockstar

    rockstar Member

    hi about complete on buying a dec 2001 (51) reg audi a4 1.8t quattro sport from an audi dealers and have been quizzing them as to its bhp is the car 150/163 or 190,its not the end of the world if its the latter just curious!? I believe the engine was tweaked or something to increase it,any any ideas....car is amazing ,lovely black exterior/ black leather interior and usual refinements and looks like new!

  2. The911SC

    The911SC Active Member

    It will be 163. 190 are sept 03 onward and have a red T badge on the back
  3. Mikebabs1

    Mikebabs1 Member


    I was under the impression that the 2001 1.8T was actually 150bhp. I recently bought a 2001 2.0. One of the dealers I visited tried to sell me a 1.8T, and we discussed the difference in power. Having done my homework I knew that the 2.0 was 130bhp and the 1.8T was 150bhp (for 2001 models) and the sales guy confirmed this. The 1.8T is the same engine as in the Golf GTI Turbo (2001), which is listed at 150bhp.

    My decision was based on the fact that a 2.0 had better fuel consumption and lower insurance, and the slight increase in performance of the 1.8T wasn't enough to make up for this. Plus the fact that for the same money I could get a 2.0 with 20,000 less miles on the clock.

  4. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    I had my A4 rolling roaded and it was actually 163 bhp even though it is said that the A4 1.8Ts have 150.
  5. RichA3Turbo

    RichA3Turbo ...Watching you! Moderator

    [ QUOTE ]
    Mikebabs1 said:
    slight increase in performance of the 1.8T wasn't enough to make up for this.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    BIG difference in performance. BHP figures tell VERY littel of the story. the fact is the 2.0 will be flat as a fart. No torque whatsoever... 130lb.ft or something if that. The 1.8T will be nearer 180lb.ft... Will be much quicker in real world terms.

  6. rockstar

    rockstar Member

    right of to collect the a4 from the dealers! kinda sad saying goodbye to the a3! loved my a3 I did!

    sure the pain with disappear quickly though with the new arrival(s)...

  7. gizze

    gizze Member

    I added a sony mp3 changer to my car, it goes in the glove box (top right setion) perfectly, I bought it from halfords for £199, that includes the adapter for it to work with any of the audi head units.

    It was an ex display changer, the usual one for £199 is not mp3 compatible, but can be had for around £50 less online.

    I took the glove box out and cut the back panel out of that section only to route the cables behind, whole thing took about 40 mins from start to finish.
  8. arthurfuxake

    arthurfuxake Controversial & Contradictive

    I've got to have one of those! Do you know which model it is? Is it the Xplode? Where does it fit? Any pics? I've found some on ebay doing a search for "sony mp3 changer" - are these the same? Do you get any display on the audi head unit? Is yours the concert 11 or symphony hu?

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