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Whats the best Audi HID Conversion kit??

fesss_84 Dec 14, 2007

  1. fesss_84

    fesss_84 Sylar

    Hi All,

    Iv been trying to look for a good Conversion kit, anyone got any suggestions?? anyone tried, mtek or bosch?? i also found some called GT HDI??

    I stubbled across some Digital HID kits 50W, does anyone know what they are all about???

    Some websites say that some HID kits effect other electronics on the car, basically there is alot of inconsistant information on different websites, i dont know which one to belive!!

    so if you have installed an after market kit, which brand isit, and is the beam correct (not scattered) and do they create glare, also does the place of manufacture effect the quality of these things??
  2. Von Maximo

    Von Maximo The Damned

    Hi Fess,

    Asking what's the best kit is like asking whats the best shampoo to use, There's so many kits out there that do the job, so it's hard to say. Obviously the kits that use either Hella or bosch starters/igniters are considered high quality but expect to pay atleast double over any other kit.

    I actually have the 50w kit myself that was marketed by www.v-leds.com but I've just noticed they dont stock them anymore. Shame as they were very cheap when i got them (£/$ exchange rate) and would recommend.

    As far as effecting the electronics, They will affect the bulb out warning system. Mine being 50w disappeared within seconds as soon as the bulbs warmed up. But also having Vag.com all I did was to change the command to HID fitted and no problem anymore.

    Once installed I handed the car over to a mate who checked the beam pattern for me. A very slight adjustment was only needed.

    Hope this helps
  3. dunk

    dunk Member

    having tried 3 so far, the only one that worked out of the box in a 2006 a3 is the mtec kit.

    no bulb warning lights, no flickering, and most importantly the hids stay lit when you use the main beam with the engine running - all the others kits couldnt achieve this without extra wires, relays or vag-com fiddling.

    also the kit is extremely well made.

    any hid kit you get working will be much better with projector lights - either the angel eyes from FK at about £150-160 for a pair, or oem xenon lights but these are going to cost a lot..

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