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whats needed for my build plan!?

limbo118118 Nov 26, 2012

  1. limbo118118

    limbo118118 LORD

    so as it sits iv got my s3 running the normal ko4 turbo with a few mods, but no remap.

    so plan is hopefully February time i will have saved enough to get cracking with putting a gt28 turbo on,

    iv never attempted anything like this before so i know im gunna need to read up alot but here my idea so far (more like a shopping list!)

    -forged rods riffle drilled (will be getting these fitted else where)
    -turbo gt28rs with new lines
    -440-550cc injectors
    -4 bar FPR

    i would like any advice of anyone who has done this before or any tips?

    apparently i can get about 350bhp from these turbos? is this the best root to go rather than ko4 hybrid?

    also does anyone know how much bhp you loose through the haldex 4wd system is it something like 50bhp?

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