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What's my car worth?

galaxie500 Jun 10, 2008

  1. galaxie500

    galaxie500 New Member

    Does anyone think i'm being a bit too optimistic with my pricing?


    I know the miles are high but it's a very clean car. Has anyone seen any of the other S6s for sale and what kind of condition they are in?
    Really don't have a clue what to ask. It pains me that the car is worth less than an S3 of the same age but cost twice as much when new.
  2. StaffsS3

    StaffsS3 Flat Out

    Looks a lovely car.......

    I think it's just a weird time to be selling at the moment. Everyone is feeling the pinch and the motorist has developed into an even bigger cash cow for the government.

    I struggled to get 9k for my 2001 S3 which was in fantastic condition.

    I think the S6 is probably for a narrower market as a used car. Also for some reason some people get put off by mileage. I'm certainly not as it depends on the history of the car. It certainly does affect residuals however.

    If I hadn't had to buy a new shape A6 TDI for junior who's on the way any time in the next few weeks, I would have loved an S6. Can't think of a cooler way to transport ankle biters!!

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