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What's my car worth?

Zappa Apr 7, 2008

  1. Zappa

    Zappa New Member

    just wondering if any of you guys could help me out, I'm thinking of selling my 1994 80 2.0Sportit has 103000 miles it has central locking, electric sunroof and mirrors and 17" torra alloys.In good order recently replaced the fuel pump and lamda probe,oh and it's black see pic above.
  2. funkidiva

    funkidiva big up and respect to all mankind, one love

    I paid £400 for an 80e sport 2 years ago, she had 155k and was in good condition inside, but the body work required attention, as in a good t-cut as she was parked under a tree:mad:........yours looks in better condition than mine., let me know how much you would like for her as my 80 has died on me dispite several attempts to restore her, she wont start!:ermm:

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