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what's it worth?

tboy Nov 12, 2004

  1. tboy

    tboy Member


    I'm a newbie here- I've just sold my Civic Type R for something more economical, and have been offered an A4 TDi 130 SE on a '51 plate for £10900 with 60k on the clock. Does this sound like a good deal?

    Advice please!!!

  2. Mikebabs1

    Mikebabs1 Member


    Hi T,

    This sounds like a bargain to me. I'm assuming its a private sale, so no warranty or anything. Mileage is quite high (20k per year), but then its a diesel so its not uncommon.

    Parkers is quoting £13,975 for this car in good condition, sold privately, and £11,055 in poor condition. But this is based on 30k miles, not 60k.

    If its in good nick, then it sounds like a good deal. I paid £14,000 for my equivalent 2.0 petrol with 29k miles 6 months ago. But that was approved used from a stealer with full warranty. Diesels tend to be more expensive.

  3. tboy

    tboy Member

    cheers for the response. It's actually a company car, driven by a Director, so I know it's provenance. The cambelt needs doing, but I've been quoted £280 for that, from an independant, which is better that the £480 Audi wanted for it!!! The interior is absolutely mint, and the exterior is in great shape too. Does anyone know how much it would cost to sort out an autochanger, and if there are any good independant garages in Herts or Northants.

  4. gilly35

    gilly35 New Member

    Autochangers on ebay tend to fetch £150/£170 for the Audi one that will plug straight in to your car. The price sounds about right for the car. It would fetch about that money at auction, and seeing as though you know the provenance (thank feck i got a dictionary last Christmas and knew what that meant) and have the chance to test drive it and have it inspected, i'd buy it. A lot more sensible than buying one at an auction for maybe £300-£500 less and taking the risk of catching a rather large cold!

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