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whats it worth!!!

bobo139 Nov 21, 2012

  1. bobo139

    bobo139 New Member

    ok guys need your help. was looking at a motor today and i need some figures on whats it worth. its a burgundy audi a4 b6 53 reg 2.0 fsi,no mot no tax flat tyres has been sat for a while and brakes are preety rusty didnt get a look underneath or under the bonnet or inside but ive been told there is a problem with the wipers as they work when they want or not atall,guy wasnt specific.goin back to him in a couple of weeks with a price but nt sure what to offer.usually in this case(with no mot/tax) i wouldnt go any higher than £100 but as its a 53 plate just not sure what to take it too. also its only got 60000+ on the clocks as i was told.please help guys.
  2. Jp-tqs

    Jp-tqs Member

    How much do you get for scrapping a car these days? Coz im guesing he wont take less than that, im assuming scrappers are more than £100 quid? Sorry if i sound negative mate, but how much of the rectification work can you do yourself? If you can do it all than maybe worthwhile. To me though it sounds like a complete ballache! Personally i dont think low milage makes a good car anyway, and cars dont like not being driven!
    there are so many bargin ready to go cars out there mate for similar money vs fixing the one you mentioned, is it worth it?
    But.... On the other hand if ya up for it, id go £250 tops!
  3. renorti

    renorti Member

    complete car fetches £180 with alloys, so if you can get it for £200, sell alloys for £100, cat converter is £50 with cashforcats
    headlights, front bumper, cup holder, audi concert cd? remove those bits ebay them then weigh it it ,get £140 with no wheels.
    and those bits won't take long to remove, should make a few quid on it.
  4. chris1008

    chris1008 Member

    It sounds better than scrap to me so if the seller had half a brain they wouldn't let it go for £250.

    The work it needs is nothing, worth fixing all day long
  5. A3KevB

    A3KevB Member

    I'd say £250 tops mate
  6. bobo139

    bobo139 New Member

    (jp-tqs)scraping a car up here you would get £50,usually with no mot or tax i would offer £100 and no more,but that might sound cheeky for a 53 plate,the work i would tackle myself.

    (renorti) could break it but i would rather keep it or sell it after fixing it.

    (chris1008 + a3kevb) definately sounds better than scrap.i think i will start at £100 and see where it goes. i'll let use know how i get on.cheers guys.

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