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What's it worth? - 2008 A3 sportback S Line

jrsteeve Oct 24, 2011

  1. jrsteeve

    jrsteeve Member

    Looking at selling the car to get something a little bit smaller to brand up for my little company, what do you think it's worth?

    It's a 2008 08 reg 2.0TDI S line 170 S-tronic, 46k miles, DPF removed and returned by BVR automotive, black, full leather, panoramic roof, xenon lights + DRLs, RNS-E plus, Aux in connection, full leather, good overall order, just had the wheels refurbished and body work buffed up so it looks like new. Full Audi service history, last done in April.

    Only negative is a crack in the front grille just above the number plate, needs replacing really and may do before selling but the part is only around £50 from ebay.

    What do people think it should go for?


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