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Whats everyones car history?

joe6886 Apr 2, 2007

  1. S3IZZO

    S3IZZO Guest

    1997 Honda Civic 1.6 Vti (First car)
    2001 VW Golf GTI 20V Turbo
    2003 Audi S3 (Coming this week)

    I'm 24
  2. Bash_A3

    Bash_A3 Member

    Various lower model R5's then...

    1990 R5 GTT
    1996 Honda CRX ESi
    1998 Honda Civic VTi
    2001 Audi A3 1.8T

    The new A3 is certainly slower than the Civic but that should change after a remap :)

    I'm 25 years young.
  3. Blunteh

    Blunteh Member

    1992 VW Beetle Baja Bug 1972 (Bright Red + filler + rust)
    1993 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 Hatchback (Pooh Brown)
    1994 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.3 Saloon (Mushy Pea green)
    1997 VW Beetle Cal Look 1967
    1998 Mazda 323F Executive
    1999 Rover 220 Coupe Turbo
    2001 Audi TT 180
    2003 Honda Civic Type-R
    2004 Nissan Navara Rally Raid Pickup
    2006 Audi S3 225

    I'm 34
  4. S3 SAF

    S3 SAF Member

    whats the date?
  5. ash_s3

    ash_s3 Active Member

    April 4th 2007 mate :icon_thumright:
  6. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

  7. PocketRocket

    PocketRocket Member

    - 1995 Nissan Pathfinder V6 (was daddys car actually, while on sale)
    - 1999 Peugeot 306 XN 1.3
    - 2002 Audi A3 1.6
    - 2005 Audi A3 1.8T
    Wanted: 2007 Audi S3

    (28 years old)
  8. ash_s3

    ash_s3 Active Member

    Don't we all!! Would love a new S3!
  9. PocketRocket

    PocketRocket Member

    Oh yessss
  10. jitvv

    jitvv Active Member

    Aged 31 now, Have always been a car nut!! Am bored on night shift at work!! So here goes!!

    @18 - Metro 1.0 HLE (1982)
    @18 - Polo 1.3 Mk1 (1981)
    @18 - Polo 1.0 Mk1 (1982)
    @19 - BMW 323I (E30) (1984)
    @19 - Golf Gti Karman Convertible (Mk1) (1981)
    @20 - BMW 320I (E30) (1989)
    @22 – BMW 525I SE (E34) (1989)
    @23 – Mercedes 300CE Coupe (W124) (1991)
    @23 - Golf Gti 8v (MkII) (1985)
    @24 – BMW 318I (E36) (1996)
    @24 – BMW M3 Convertible (E36) (1995)
    @25 – Mercedes 560 SEL (1989)
    @25 – BMW 325I Sport (E30) (1990)
    @25 – Mercedes C36 AMG (203) (1996)
    @25 – Alpina B3 3.2 (E36) (1997)
    @26 – Mercedes E320 Coupe (W124) (1995)
    @26 – BMW 325I Convertible (E30) (1989)
    @26 – BMW 325I Sport (E30) (1989)
    @26 – Mercedes E320 Sportline Convertible (W124) (1995)
    @27 – BMW 328I Sport (E36) (1997)
    @27 – BMW 325I Convertible (E30) (1992)
    @28 – Mercedes E220 Convertible (W124) (1996)
    @29 – BMW 328 CI (E46) (1999)
    @29 – BMW 325I Sport (E30) (1991)
    @29 – BMW 328I SE (E36) (1997)
    @29 – Audi S3 210bhp Facelift (8L) (2001)
    @31 - ???
  11. ash_s3

    ash_s3 Active Member

    alot of cars there mate! Shame about the metro, that spoils the list of all German cars!
  12. jitvv

    jitvv Active Member

    I thank that Metro for converting me!! bought the car for £60 and insurance was £900. And it was rubbish!! every other day it needed a set of points!! was on First name terms with the Parts man LOL
  13. S3 SAF

    S3 SAF Member

    ash ur a funny lad i ment date of birth?:cool:
  14. Ryore

    Ryore Member

    Nova 1.0 (swing)
    Fiat Punto 55
    Fiat Punto GT
    205 1.9 GTI
    Renault Megane coupe 16v
    VW bora TDI
    TVR 5.0 chimera
    BMW 3.0 Z3
    New Mini Cooper
    VW polo 1.6
    VW mark 1 golf GTI convertable
    Audi S3 (latest)

    Quite a few there, and the amount I've spent on cars has gone right down in the last few years as I work in London and don't use the car too often

  15. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Here goes

    18 - Clio 1.2RL Oasis aka 'Silver Bullet'
    19 - Clio 1.4S Maxim aka 'Black Wolf'
    21 - Nissan Primera GT aka ' Primmi'
    22 - Audi S3 210bhp aka 'Excalibur'
    24 - Mitsubishi Evo 6 aka 'Evoleyne' aka 'License' aka 'Fxck Me!'
    25 - Audi S3 225bhp aka 'Jester'

    29 - Still got the Audi and have a Skoda VRS for the missus.

    Contemplating a new car but just haven't got the cash, would love the new S3 as it is the only other car that would fit well in my garage!
  16. Aky

    Aky Aky

    Well mine is as follows. Started driving at 17 in 1998
    1998 G reg Renault 5 Campus
    2000 W reg Fiesta 1.25
    2001 Y reg Zetec S
    2004 04 Golf TDI 150
    2007 02 S3 225
  17. Blunteh

    Blunteh Member

    Sorry - date was when i got the car.. the 1970 one was a mistake (was the year the car was made)
  18. mordz

    mordz Audi S3 (2000)

    I started when i was 17. in 1997
    Nova SR 1.4 with twin webbers no other mods. (own car)
    Escort Van (company)
    Mundaino, sorry mondeo GLX (company)
    Focus TDCI Zetec (company)
    Focus ST170 (company)
    Hyundia Coupe V6 (company)
    Polo 1.2 55plate (girlfriends)

    Now im 27 and have my own car again
    Audi S3 2000 model - totaly standard in black. (own car)
  19. ash_s3

    ash_s3 Active Member

    28th bud! :icon_thumright:
  20. Kef9

    Kef9 Member

    2001-2004 L Reg VW Polo CL Coupe
    2004-2006 Saxo VTS
    2006 On Audi S3

    The saxo was a quality fast tin shed. In the rain it was pants and this convinced me 4WD was the way to go.
  21. Jimmeh

    Jimmeh Active Member

    Started with a J Reg 1.2 RL Clio at 16 1/2.... started driving when I passed my test..



    Moved onto a tidy little L Reg 1.4 106 XSi...



    THEN.. *sniggers*... It was approaching Summer (well, it actually wasn't... I brought it in March of 2006) a J Reg 1.6 JLX Vitara Fatboy. It had to be done really! Granted.. looking back I must have looked like a girl.. but me and the crew had soo many awsome weekends away.. just brilliant.




    (winter was drawing near... and the tyres were on their way out.. (I'd of been damned if I was going to pay for them, they're huge!!))

    Sept '06 I picked myself up (after three weeks on a push bike...) and brought myself a R Reg A3 1.8 Sport. Love it.





    I'm in dier(sp) need of the Turbo now I think (for a reasonable price..) although, the A3's coming out of the Garage tomorrow after having a cambelt change, new discs & pads, x-amount of new sensors etc.. soo... I'd better keep her for a while yet and wait for something to pop up..

    oh, and I'm 20. DOB 02/03/87. (20 last month..)

    Keep the thread going guys.. It's a good one!
  22. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    mk1 golf gti
    mk2 16v golf
    mk3golf vr6
    now s3
    short n sweet I like hatches and am a vag and vauxhall fan still think about the astra coupe 2.2 bertone version
    and 39
  23. Tastyterrier

    Tastyterrier Monkey Trainer

    At 29

    2000 Rover 25 (great handling but old man image!)
    1998 A3 TS (she was a beaut)
    1998 Fiat barchetta (great fun)
    1996 BMW Compact (rear-wheel-drift-tastic!)
    1995 Vauxhall Astra (temp car for a few weeks..honest!)

    Surely as you get older the cars get younger...!!

    Anyway, back on track now with the 2001 A3 TQS. Now comes the dilemma, remap or S3!
  24. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    mini 1000
    engine swap 1293 ...........
    rover vitesse lol
    crx 16. 16i for 10 years

    best is still the crx why didnt i keep her :(
  25. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    if only they had changed the bodywork slightly :(
  26. S3 GAZ

    S3 GAZ Member

    i'm 27

    started off when i passed my test at 21 with a Fiat Punto 1.6 8v sporting. was totally standard but the moddin bug got me straight away. ended up having it about 16months


    Still loving my punto i moved on to my 1st Turbod car. a 97 Rosso red Punto GT turbo. came standard 136bhp but some mods, chip, FMIC, turbo back exhaust, decat took it to 180bhp. god i miss that car.


    i sold the Punto GT 18months later for £500 more than i bought it for. :eyebrows:

    Then moved away from the italian scene to my 1st Vag car. mk3 Ibiza cupra 20vt. bought it totally standar, which lasted a month then began to mod it. REVO, Coilovers, Blue flame exhaust, balck wheels. then it got wrote off when i went through a rather deep puddle :lmfao:

    here it was when i bought it


    and after the modding


    After some tough negotiations with royal sun alliance i got a rather healthy payout, coupled with the money from the parts i sold i had a very healy sum from wich to step upwards to the s3 i currently have

    here it is. totally standard. For now:)

  27. 4xquattro

    4xquattro New Member

    Another oldie here 37 years OLD (KIDS do that). Owned R5 GT Turbo when some of you where in nappies still. Then as follows:-
    R21 Turbo
    R Megane (Wife learning to drive)
    Citreon Saxo VTR
    VW Bora (Kids started)
    A3 1.8T Quattro (Got my own way again!!!)
  28. OvettC

    OvettC Uhm... what next...

    this is not a good list but ends on a happy note:

    Vauxhall Nova 1.2 4dr DELUXE (17yrs old) - Oh yes and it was the saloon model! (died at 52,000 miles when i placed it meticously in the back of at the time the first new Volvo X70 Estate on stilts which was driven by the volvo UK Director of Insurance- it was a quick claim!)

    Fiesta 1.4 16v Si 3dr (18yrs old) (died at 42,000 miles when i was going at 30mph the right way down a one way street and another Si came round the corner very quick with a Police car behind and it went straight into me!)

    Vauxhall Astra Mk4 1.6 16v 5dr Hatch (20yrs old) (it didn't die in my hands as such but the ECU failed and by which time i had done 116,000 miles in it and the insurance company wrote it off)

    Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 (23yrs old) (Fantastic car, amazing handling, but i suspect the fact it need the rear blade suspension thingy replacing twice and a new gear box when it left my ownership after 98,000 miles that perhaps i was a tad too aggresive!)

    Volvo - not good - S40 - even worse - 2.0 Diesel - (26yrs old) uhm, i have no excuses left this was by far the most toy packed luxury car i have ever owned, in built phone, heated leather, electric everything, great ride quality, xenons, cruise, etc etc.... but i hated it, it had no soul and no life and sucked the life out of me and then one day i was driving by Listers Audi in Northampton and....

    Audi A4 1.8T Quattro 190ps (now 225bhp) (27yrs old) and i love it! it costs me a bloody fortune to run, i have had so much grief from it, its had new suspension, new CD player, gear gaiter covers, new ECU to name but a few but when the heavens open and the rain is pouring i can venture down the backroads and everything is forgiven, it has no toys, no leather, windy windows at the back it is just pure and simply a four wheel drive chassis with a steering wheel and an engine, absolutely brilliant!
  29. buckas

    buckas Member

    there's some right chav buckets in here chaps, i'm ashamed ;) lol

  30. j4g3d

    j4g3d Member

    Corsa 1.4 8v whooping 59bhp
    Honda Delsol 1.6 VTI 180bhp
    Audi a3 1.9 tdi cranking 140bhp
    Next? prob new audi a3 in a years time

    Might add pics soon
  31. Jampublic

    Jampublic Taking it easy..

    Well said Buckas, yeah a few lists up there make me feel happy about my rubbish list! ;)

    As for a new S3, have you seen the side skirts (sorry if i lack the technical know how! :( ) You like that look? nice car, quick, but what happened when they got to the side skirts..

    'ah we have these, lets bolt them on.. yarr done!'

    Sorry :bye:
  32. jedwa115

    jedwa115 Member

    1996 - Peugeot 205 GT D-Plate
    2000 - Vespa T5!
    2000 - Vauxhall Cavalier Saloon 1.6 G-Plate
    2001 - Peugeot 306 TDi 1.9 R-Plate
    2003 - Peugeot 306 Gti6 S-Plate
    2004 - Micra 1.2 L-Plate (Was broke!)
    2004 - BMW 320 iSE J-Plate (Classy old wheels, wife still drives it)
    2006 - Audi S3 - 51 Plate (For Sale now!)
    2007 - Toyota Hilux 4x4 Pickup with 2" lift J-Plate (Wicked fun and gets filled full of bricks every other day)

    If I could have any of them back for a couple of hours it'd be the Gti6. Was awesome fun. But there's hardly any left that haven't been Maxpowered by some 10 year old!
  33. twist

    twist Member

    I am 23 years old nearly 24 had the following

    Sky Blue Mk3 1.1 Fiesta (Sister rolled it with me in it LOL)
    Nova 1.4SR
    Nova GTE on Twin 40 carbs
    Ren 5 GTT
    Clio 16V
    Yaris T-Sport
    Mazda Eunos 1.8
    MR2 Turbo
    Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo
    Audi S3 (Current)
  34. tonyt102

    tonyt102 Member

    I'm 28 and have had 35 cars. I'm a total nut and just keep buying stuff I just don't need. I'm a sucker for cars with a good history and I hate seeing them go to someone who wouldn't appriciate them.

    The 35 include...

    Mini Cooper
    Pug 309 gti e reg
    Pug 205 1.9 laser green se
    Pug 309 gti se
    Pug 309 Goodwood se
    Pug 309 Jap se, air con etc
    16v Clio
    Astra GSI 1999 SE
    Clio 172 silv
    Clio 172 blk
    Clio 182
    Vectra sri 2.2 se blk
    Vectra sri 2.2 se sil
    Audi RS2
    Audi S2 Avant
    Audi 80 Coupe
    Audi S3 Imola 2000
    BMW 323 Ci (hated it, only had it 2 weeks!)
    Audi S3 Blk 2003
    Seat Leon FR TDi
    Audi S4 B6 4.2
    Audi S3 blk 2001
  35. eds

    eds New Member

    Started driving 23 years ago aged ????
    Ford Capri 2.0 Ghia:yes:
    Ford Capri 2.8I:rockwoot:
    Ford Fiesta XR2I:no:
    Mini Cooper 1275GT:p
    Renault 5 GT Turbo:w00t:
    Ford Cortina 2.0 Ghia:think:
    Ford Escort XR3I:happy:
    Ford Escort Turbo:aggressive:
    VW Polo GTI:respekt:
    Audi A4 TDI Sport 130:applaus:
  36. simonwjones

    simonwjones Member

    Im 43 this year and heres my list

    Didnt start driving cars until 21, always had bikes


    Honda XL250
    Yamaha RD400
    Guzzi V50
    Kawasaki GPz 550
    Honda VFR1000R

    w reg astra 1.6
    A reg Cavalier SRi
    H reg Cavalier GSi 2000 bought new ( never again)
    G reg BMW 520i cant remember reg
    L reg Audi Coupe 2.8q, still miss it to bits
    R reg Lexus GS300 (put 10 years on me , had to go)
    BMW 540i sport ( didnt keep it long)
    T reg A6 2.8q
    02 reg A6 1.9tdi avant ( god I misses the quattro)
    52 A6 2.5tdi q sport present car and love it

    Bikes had to go when second kid came along.

  37. nickelvery

    nickelvery RS4 B5 380bhp

    :jester: I started with a 1.4 Astra which I hated with passion!

    Then a Golf MK3 1.6,

    Then A Rover 216 GTI which I also hated but was only £500,

    Then an Audi A3 1.9TDI SE

    Now an Audi S3 2001 280BHP Revo remap, RS4 alloys, neuspeed air filter, uprated discs and pads.

    As alot of people already know there is an Audi meet being arranged for the 30th June if you want to know more please use the link below.

  38. funguf

    funguf Sunday Driver

    2003 - 96 1.2 Renault Clio
    2005 - 98 1.6 8V Vauxhall Astra
    2007 - 06 2.0T Audi A3 Quattro

    I'm now 26 :s
  39. SamDude

    SamDude Active Member

    (1995) 1991 Ford Escort (1.6)
    (1997) 1990 Pug 205 GT (1.4)
    (2000) 1997 Audi A4 (1.8)
    (2004) 2000 VW Golf (1.6)
    (2005) 2001 Audi A3 (1.8)
    (2007) 2004 Audi A3 (2.0TDI) <--- bestest car I've had
  40. StaffsS3

    StaffsS3 Flat Out

    I'll add my two peneth.......

    Passed test in 1991 aged 17 and 2 months.
    1.1991 Ford Fiesta 1.1 Ghia (1980,Vreg) (in white with Brown Vinyl roof...nice)- Rolled end over end into a field. Unsurprisingly a write off.
    2.1992 Ford Fiesta 1.1 Sport (1980 Vreg) Quite what made it a sport god only knows!! Had a high speed shunt with a Horse Box Lorry. Written off.......Bugger
    3. 1992 Vauxhall Nova 1.2 (1984 A reg). Load of rubbish but sold it for double the purchase price.
    4. 1995 Ford Fiesta 1.1 Popular Plus (1984 A reg)....Well I was a student!!
    5. 1996 VW Golf Gti 8V Big Bumper. (1990 Greg)......My first proper car, fun times.
    6. 1998 VW Polo 1300 Coupe (1989 F Reg)......Got married a bought a house.......Missed the GTi as I had sold it to a friend.
    7. 1999 VW Golf Gti 8V BIg Bumper (1991 H reg)
    8. 2002 VW Golf Mk3 16v Anniversary (1996 P reg)....Gorgeous in black
    9. 2004 Mazda MX5 1.8 (1998 R reg).....kept for 6 weeks, sold for a profit. Fed up with the hairdresser jokes.:wtf:
    10. 2004 BMW 318is M Tech Coupe (1999 T reg). Nice car in good spec but painfully slow.
    11. 2007 (March) Audi S3 2002 51 Reg. In metallic black with half alcantara trim and 2 days later a 265 bhp remap. Finally the performance car I have always wanted.:icon_thumright:
    12. Next who knows..........Would love an RS4. :hubbahubba:

    Great post, what a trip down memory lane!! Will have to post some pics of my rolled Fiesta. I can understand now why my Dad got so upset!!!

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