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What's caused my cv joint to collapse ??

vince, A3 turbo Jul 13, 2011

  1. vince, A3 turbo

    vince, A3 turbo Member

    Alright guys, whilst driving earlier I my
    Car suddenly started to knock it's tits off and my steering was getting thrown about like mad, first of all I thought my wheel was falling off haha. Any way I got home and had a look and noticed my cv joint had some play in it so I'm guessing it's that, but what would cause it to fail?? I also noticed my battery side engine (gearbox) mount had a bit of play in it and were my cars quite low the ARB has slightly rubbed on the drive shaft, just wondering if theses problems could of caused or helped the cv joint to fail? Thanks alot
  2. Martrider

    Martrider New Member

    Sounds like I have the same problem, my thread is a couple down from yours.

    I have no idea what the causes it and it's not a very pleasent sound. Any ideas wether it be ok to drive on it for 1/2 mile to get to my garage? I have arrange to take it in on Friday.


  3. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    Failure is usually started by the rubber boot splitting then the grease falls out and the joint becomes dry....
  4. vince, A3 turbo

    vince, A3 turbo Member

    Sorry mart i didn't see your post .I drove mine home and it seemed okay, steering is all over the place So just take it easy :)
    Cheers dave I thought the same thing but my gators are fine :)

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