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whats a 370 bhp s3 worth??

homer_s Jul 22, 2013

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  1. homer_s

    homer_s Member


    Thinking of selling my s3 but im not sure what price to ask for it, its a silver 2000 pre facelift with 88, 000 miles

    Mods are;
    •Td05 18g turbo
    •tigart underslung mani
    •550 injectors
    •miltek exhaust
    •fully hidden welly cooler
    •scat rods
    •supertech valves
    •solid flywheel and a fancy clutch
    •usual stuff like forge recirc/n249 bypass ect
    •rtech remap 370bhp 340ibft 7800rpm limiter (on rtechs rollers)

    •genuine 19" bbs ch wheels in mint condition
    •kw 30mm spring
    •golf r32 brakes
    •facelift front and rear lights
    •forge adjustable rear suspension arms

    I bought the car totally standard over 5 years ago and done all the mods myself.
    Its no show winner but i would say its in good condition for its age

    So what do people thinks its worth cause im struggling to find one of similar spec for sale

  2. beachbuggy

    beachbuggy Well-Known Member

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  3. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    Seems to be a glut of these whats it worth threads these days... but here goes...

    Look on ebay, autotrader and piston heads to gauge where the market is at on std (ish) cars of your year/model/condition, add approx 1/3 to 1/2 the value of money spent on mods and you have a ball park...

    At the end of the day they are worth what someone is willing to pay due to the level of mods yours has...

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