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what wiring harness do i need s3 8l 52 plate with standard bose setup and autochanger

Quattro Singh Oct 26, 2013

  1. Quattro Singh

    Quattro Singh Member

    as title above really

    i have the standard audi tape chorus headunit with bose setup with bose sub and autochanger, i have bought an alpine headunit cde-173bt Halfords | Alpine CDE-173BT CD Tuner with Bluetooth and need to know which harness i need

    i'm confused as to which harness i need as i've been to halfords and they say i need the PC9-401 (but on there website it says its for non bose setups)and i've been to car audio security and they say i need the PC9-408 but it says this on there website 'Note: Use this lead when changing the stereo (and you have BOSE speakers fitted as standard) to a new stereo that has no RCA outputs (i.e. has speaker outputs only)' now the alpine headunit i have HAS GOT rca's, therefore after looking myself i think i need the PC9-410

    also what is half amplified and fully amplified, what would my s3 be?

    too much conflicting info from people and websites all i need is a bloody harness for my new headunit



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