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What uprgade next...

Anarki Jun 2, 2013

  1. Anarki

    Anarki New Member

    Only just joined the forum, so a massive hello to everyone!

    My question is where to go next in regards to upgrading my S3 because I'm stumped. I have read nearly every forum including this forum but still cannot find the answers I want, to my needs.

    I want usable performance on a day to day basis without the financial hardship. My expectation is a car which can handle the odd 0-60 sprint in a reasonable time, have nice in gear punch but be still usable around town.

    Important here: budget £2,000 for all upgrades.

    Although my car was watertight in its history the Revo stage 1 remap highlighted a failing clutch. I embarrassingly emailed Forge motorsport asking if their spring settings on the 008 valve weren't correct, only to be responded with a very accurate description that my clutch is at fault! Bare in mind every hose has been replaced for silicone and the N75 valve and oil donut valve have been replaced.

    So first things first, a new clutch for me, what do you recommend? A better clutch, semi racing, racing, single mass or dual mass flywheel, etc?

    Are the 312mm/256mm brakes good enough? Do I need Porsche calipers or R8 calipers, etc?

    Exhaust systems, talk to me because I don't know whats best? Milltek cat back or full system?

    Thanks in advance, for what I hope is an abundance of answers to my questions.
  2. kan-e

    kan-e New Member

    you need nos
  3. 16Klappe

    16Klappe I <3 Panda's! Supporter

    Wow. What a hero.

    Look in the FAQ thread at the top of this forum and I promise you all of your questions and more will be answered.

    2K is nothing; especially if you aren't doing the work yourself.
  4. Tim_Attard

    Tim_Attard Active Member

    if you have read all the stickies and looked into it and still cant find your answer then i doubt anyone is going to give you a good answer tbh mate
  5. 16Klappe

    16Klappe I <3 Panda's! Supporter


    What you need is a Badger 5 intake pipe, sack the Revo turd off and get a custom remap either from Bill at Badger 5 or Niki at R Tech. Trust no one else.

    And to otherwise leave it the **** alone. Spend the rest of the money on maintaining it, polybushes and a set of DS2500 pads.

    Clutch upgrades for S3's are not cheap, I suggest going OE again and keeping the power and torque below 270lbft.

    If you have a budget of 2K all in then don't even bother aiming too high; I could **** that in a day on poly bushes if I was having them fitted for me.

    (And LOL at emailing forge about a totally unrelated part when your clutch was dead; who told you it wasn't the clutch? The dyno operator?)

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