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What Tyres Do You Lot Have?

J45SON Jan 16, 2008

  1. J45SON

    J45SON Member

    this may have been asked before, but i need to get 2 new tyres pronto and i'm having a dilema, perhaps you can help..

    225/40/18 - currently got y rated on

    do i need to have y rated? can't see myslef doing 186mph but would like to have the handling capabilities.

    i have narrowed down the list of tyres i like to the following:

    1. Dunlop SP 9000 - good write up's, nice tread.

    2. Dunlop Sport Maxx - as above

    3. Goodyear Eagle F1 - great tread pattern - soft compund so wont get same mileage i think

    4. Pirelli Pzero Rosso - fantastic write up's - not as nice to look at - bad tread pattern

    my local tyre place can get them all for around £100 each fully fitted. they will be fitted on the back as the front 2 have good tread depth.

    cheers in advance.
  2. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    My B5 had Dunlops on it all road when I bought it, they weren't 9000s but they were SP Sport somethin or other. While they weren't brand new they still had good tread left. I found them positively scary. Not long after I picked it up I had the fronts replaced with Eagle F1 GSD3 because a lot of the 8L guys found them to be good. I've gotta say they're without a doubt the best tyres I've ever had (certainly in terms of grip). They did pretty well in mileage terms too; the vast majority were motorway, but I must've had about 40k out of them.

    I've just had all four done, and because there were no Eagle F1 GSD3s about in the right size I'm giving Goodyear Excellence a try. So far so good. They're perhaps a little less grippy in the dry, but not much. They're definitely better in the wet. They're also supposed to be a bit quieter (which I'd agree with - not a massive difference but noticeable). Apparently they wear less too, but if they get anywhere close to what I had out of the Eagles I'm happy.

    If it was my money, out of the ones you're looking at I'd have the Eagles every time, but honestly I'd say Excellence are worth considering as a good all-rounder too.

    I wouldn't worry too much what tread patterns look like though, I'm more concerned with performance - after all the tyres are the only bit of your car that attach it to the road!

    All the best,

  3. SimonP

    SimonP Member

    Roughly every other day, here's the most recent thread from two days ago:


    My understanding is that you need to have the same minimum rating as was a factory fit to avoid your insurance company invalidating any claim in the event of an accident. I'm not sure but it may also be an MOT requirement. Tyre ratings are a function of torque at the wheels as well as out and out top speed.
  4. J45SON

    J45SON Member

    :respekt: will put my glasses on in future... heh heh

    thanks for the advice

  5. Shades

    Shades Member

    I've got Goodyear Eagle NCT5's (or something like that) on my A4 and they are positively ****! They are on their way out and they've been on for less than 12 months and done around 7-8k! For what appears to be such a soft compound the grip levels aren't that good either... though the fact that my suspension isn't setup properly set up probably doesn't help matters much.

    Best tyres I've ever had are Yokohama AVS Sport. Absolutely fantastic levels of grip in the dry. In the rain they were a bit dicey, but in the dry on a hot sticky day...:racer: :)
  6. J45SON

    J45SON Member

  7. aberry

    aberry Diesel €1.19 in Eire

    Here are some pictures of the tyres you guys were talking about above.

  8. Clog

    Clog Guest

    Goodyear every time

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