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What type of hand polishing pads?

Young un Aug 19, 2010

  1. Young un

    Young un Member

    The hosepipe ban in my region has finally been lifted so I can start cleaning again.
    Im a detailing novice and I know everyone has their prefered choice of products. My 1st attempt skeleton plan would consist of:
    1. pressure wash any debris
    2. snow foam
    3. rinse
    4. shampoo (2 bucket method)
    5. rinse
    6. hand dry (waffle weave cloth)
    7. remove tar spots
    8. clay bar (meguiars starter clay kit)
    9. polish (Auto glym SRP)
    10. seal (Auto glym EGP)
    11. wax (Meguiars carnuba wax)

    There's lots and lots of info for polishing, sealing and waxing products but I can't seem to find any info about what I should use to apply these products.

    I only intend to polish, seal and wax by hand (not machine polish). What should I use to apply the polish, seal and wax
    1. foam applicator pad (meguiars or alternative types)
    2. microfibre applicator pad
    3. microfibre cloth
    4. anything else???

    When buffing the excess, should I use a microfibre cloth?

    Is my planned cleaning routine flawed in any way (ie am I doing things in the wrong order) and will my chosen products cause disatrous results?

    Thanks in advance
  2. CMD

    CMD Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!

    Polish, seal, wax, after 24 hour's apply 2nd coat of wax. A applicator pad for each product, buff off using MF clolth don't use the same MF cloth for each stage.
  3. fgaffney

    fgaffney Member

    I would snow foam the car dry and then a second time if you feel it's needed? I wouldn't 'pressure wash any debris' away and would try and remove it gently with foam first. Other than that you're workflow seems fine to me. Sorry I can't comment on your products as I machine polish with Menzerna products and Poorboys Blackhole, then I seal with FinishKare 1000p.

    For hand application I use both circular foam applicators and microfibre cloths. It depends what I'm applying and where and as mentioned before don't cross contaminate your cloths/sponges at any time during application or removal.
  4. tdia4

    tdia4 TDIPOWARRR

    I would remove the autoglym egp and meguiars wax out of the picture and replace with autoglym high def wax after using the srp, you will get better resuts and much longer lasting protection.
  5. Young un

    Young un Member

    I considered purchasing the autoglym HD wax and I'll probably use it next time. My mate gave me his Meguiars clay bar starter kit with Meguiars 3 step process etc...he said its hard work doing all 3 stages but the end result will be worthwhile. As I said, Im a novice detailer and I trust his opinion/recommendation. Another mate told me to ditch Meguairs stage 1 & 2 in favour of the Autoglm SRP and EGP cos it will 'fill in' light swirl marks better than Meguiars. I don't know who/what to believe.
    Anyway, the fundamental principle involves polish, seal and wax (in that order)??
  6. tdia4

    tdia4 TDIPOWARRR

    IMO i think autoglym SRP is a excellent hand polish and i've always been very very pleased with the results (i always work it in real well), that topped over with a couple of coats of hd wax or another decent wax to lock in all your hard polishing work.
  7. tdia4

    tdia4 TDIPOWARRR

    Oh and my process by hand is:
    *Wash+dry-2 bucket method, dried with a large waffle towel.
    *Clay car(i use meguiars clay)
    *wash again
    *Polish with SRP worked in well-buff off with microfibre
    *Quick spray and wipe over with quick detailer
    *Wax-Buff off with a different microfibre to what you took the polish off with.
    *Wax again 24hours later

    After that you should be prety happy with the results.

    I do give my car a going over with a orbital polisher when it needs it but i have to borrow it off a friend.

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