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What to look out for when buying a 2002 plate 225 BAM.

djarchive Apr 30, 2010

  1. djarchive

    djarchive Member

    :readit: :readit:

    Firstly I own a 8L 225 BAM and wanted a heads up before my mate goes to buy one tomorrow.

    Regretably this thread is relating to a LCR 225 BAM however... As you know they are similar engine wise (if not exactly the same apart from the Quatrro syst/ Interior)

    Other then HPI check / listening to the engine on tick over / test driving it... What else is there to look for? :readit:

    Note: 60K done plus FSH and reciepts for everything.

    50/ 60k major service- What is there to be done/ replaced? Timing Belt? All oils inc Engine / Haldex? Water pump?

    Any help is MUCH appr.

    Thanks for your time,


  2. finesse

    finesse Active Member

    Belt @ 60k or 5 years
    Haldex every 40k??
    Full documented service history, major service every 20k

    Check engine bay for split hoses etc
    Check if thermostat sits at 90

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