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What to look for in an a3 1.9?

Auds Jun 22, 2013

  1. Auds

    Auds New Member

    I'm looking to purchase a 1.9 tdi SB with around 100k on the clock, just wondering what stuff I should be looking out for? Does anyone know roughly when the timing belt/cambelt/oil and water pumps need to be replaced on these? Thanks
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  2. SPARTAN91

    SPARTAN91 RED FIVE STANDING BY Regional Rep Team Silver Audi A3 TDi

    The advise is for the belts and water pump every 5 years or 75,000 miles oil every year or 2 years if on longlife service plan.If possible go for a 2.0lt SB more refined engine.
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  3. Stol1975

    Stol1975 Member

    Listen out for any extra engine chatter coming from the flywheel. Depress the clutch and see if there is any change in noise.
    I have this engine and although its not as refined as the 2lt it's solid. Got mine mapped and on the motorway it pulls and pulls. I got the sport model and Ive loved modding it up, it's quite an expensive addiction.
    Out of interest has anyone added a sport exhaust to this engine?
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  4. Auds

    Auds New Member

    Thanks for the replies will look out for these problems, my intentions were to get a 2.0l but I constantly keep reading problems about them from turbo problems to injector problem etc, but heard the 1.9 is a solid engine.
  5. Mikemc

    Mikemc Scooby Slayer VCDS Map User

    With a car on 100k you could expect to be buying a new turbo shortly, and possible clutch/ flywheel. Get a 2.0tdi DSG :)

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