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What to do With AGU hoo!?

ScottyG60 May 14, 2013

  1. ScottyG60

    ScottyG60 New Member

    So as i mentioned in a previous post, got this a3 agu engine motor a month ago and when the Mrs was drivin it the oil warning light came on the dash (oil [pressure?) whilst drivin so she topped it up when cold and on the way home car lost all power,

    Got it trailered home and when i got the rocker cover off found that the came came tensioner was tolally melted but guides top and bottome and the swath had got betweer the inlet cam sprocket and chain and caused it to misalign about two/three teeth.

    I was presuming after a bit of research that the motor had been starved of oil due to faulty pump or clogged pickup and that valves would be bent, maybe bottom trashed also.

    So yesterday i finally got round to gettin the sump off and head off to find the valves dont appear to be damaged although the seals could do with renewing by the looks (165k mile originals). Also upon removal of the sump i was expecting it to be full of **** but it didnt look untoward in my opinion, just to mention the bore walls also dont seem to be scored from running hot/dry either so not really sure where to proceed.

    If the bottom end had been clogged up i would have piece of mind thats what caused the tensioner to fail but now all i can think is faulty oil pump, but if i replace these items plus HG set and bolts etc i'll be into a few hundred bucks but still not certain it wont happen again......

    Any help ????
  2. 16Klappe

    16Klappe I <3 Panda's! Supporter

    Put a new engine in it.

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