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What to do? tqs troubles....

sprushty May 13, 2013

  1. sprushty

    sprushty TQS Collective

    The a3 is losing oil and blowing blue smoke on start up quite often now, its sitting on 123k miles. I suspect it will need a head rebuild and a turbo refurb/replacement to keep it alive. The MPG is low 19/20, the maf and ait were covered in a film of oil last time i checked, the pcv system must be knackered at this age. Its also loosing coolant but i suspect its the coolant flange as theres pink coolant residue covering that area and dripping onto the gearbox housing.If I were to get the head rebuilt and a second hand refurbed turbo put in what are the ballpark figures im looking at in the West london area. I dont have the space or time to do any of it myself, not to mention never having done anything like this before. Am I better off selling up? Alot of people would at this stage go BT but they also do most of the work themself saving the labour cost, I dont really have this option :(

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