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What to buy ?

johnlondonw3 Aug 1, 2006

  1. johnlondonw3

    johnlondonw3 Member

    Ive got a budget of £13k and I want an A4 Avant 1.9 tdi sport diesel with avarage miles,on a 02/03 plate.How are prices holding up on these cars,are they getting cheaper now that the new model is out ?

    Im looking for a silver/grey (not Dolphin) Black or crystal blue.

    The silver or grey should have black leather interior,the black or crystal blue either cream or black leather interior .

    It needs to have as much alloy trim as possible,roof rails,window trim and facia trim.

    I then want to do some subtle mods.ie
    1)re map engine (is the 1.9 good for this ?)Which is the best company to have this done by ?
    2) replace nozles (?) I read some place that this was one of the best things to do ...........is that right and what does it do ? Is it expensive ? who should I get to do it and should it be done at the same time as the remap ?

    3)replace existing wheels with 18" S8 wheels (probably replicas due to cost of OEM) again wheres best place to get them ?

    4) Replace existing wing mirrors with brushed alloy ones ( are these the ones from the RS series ?..again can I buy these seperatley or does anyone sell replicas ?

    Big one till last...............recomendations where is the best place to find this car (apart from in my dreams !!)

    thanks for any advice

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    You'll have no problem getting that car for £13k but you may have a problem getting it with leather. TDi owners seemed to have balked at the £1100 for leather interior and there aren't many about, a real shame as it really transforms the car. I eventually had to buy one without leather and luckily picked up a full interior in black half leather/alcantara on ebay for £400.
    Autotrader is your best bet, make sure you login so you can specify colour and key words. There's a few on there at the moment, this one looks spot on and it's a quattro:
    2002 AUDI A4 AVANT 1.9 TDI 130 Quattro Sport 5dr Diesel Avant
    22,000 miles, 2003 Model Year (Registered in October 2002), 22,000 Miles, Quattro 4x4, Six Speed Manual Gear Box. Full Standard Audi Specification Plus: Dolphin Grey Metallic, Audi RS Sports Body Kit including side sills, Charcoal Leather Interior, 5 Arm Allow wheels, Sports Seats, Climate Control, Electric Windows all round, Symphony Stereo system with 6 Disc CD Changer, ABS, ESP, Removable Dog Guard, Luggage Nets, Category 1 Audi Alarm System. One Owner from New. Full Audi Service history by main dealer. This car is in exceptionally good condition with very low mileage and outstanding MPG. Please call for further details. (Sale does not include private plate). £13,750. ono
  3. johnlondonw3

    johnlondonw3 Member

    Thanks for your advice I was worried that I wouldnt have enough to buy a car like the one Id specd up,..........your a star for finding the one on Autotrader !

    Id been looking on Auto trader for a couple of weeks and then gave up as there was such a lot of tat,Ive been concentrating on Fontain and Weybridge Autos who both specialise in Audi.

    If anyone sees anything else please let me know

    What do you reckon to having an engine remap and this thing about bigger nozles.whatever they are !! ?


  4. johnlondonw3

    johnlondonw3 Member

    Andy,just to let you know I rang up about the car,and just missed it someone was there making an offer as I spoke to the woman who was selling it !!

    Never mind I'll keep looking

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