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  1. I am currently considering buying a standard S4 (B5) and then remap, suspension and wheels probably RS6's & millitek exhaust. when finished how would the handling /performance compare against waiting a while for an A3 2.0t FSI with DSG and a Revo remap?

    Which would end up with the better power to weight ratio?

  2. shagga

    shagga Member

    I would have thought S4 all day on the performance side without a doubt. S4 is obviously far bigger and takes some getting used to when throwing it around bends (I went from S3 to S4 Avant).
    Can't advise on power to weight tho.
  3. Phantom_A4

    Phantom_A4 Member

    I'd go for the S4 for performance, and the A3 for durability. The A3 is a lot younger!

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