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What system for A3 Cabrio?

Gweev Mar 2, 2012

  1. Gweev

    Gweev Member

    So, the wife and I just took her next car out for a test drive and with the roof down, the speakers were just farting at us. The car comes with a standard head unit (Concert?) and basic speakers.

    For like £250 more we can upgrade to the Symphony HU and for £500 we can upgrade to the 'Sound package' which is the Symphony HU, plus the Bose system.

    Can I ask you guys for some advice? What's the best course of action here? Keep the Concert and fit some aftermarket speakers, get the Symphony only, or take the sound pack. Or even take the basic set up and fit aftermarket HU and speakers.

    I'm no techy and will be very worried about doing any aftermarket panel cutting etc. Oh and the car will be leased so I'll need to put it back to stock before i hand it back in 4 years.


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