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What sub but need boot space help

colintdi May 11, 2009

  1. colintdi

    colintdi Member

    hi, I have an 12" sub and amps from my other car and i'm wanting to put them into my 04 A4. The problem is I need the boot space for my son's pram. What options do i have?
  2. thejoose

    thejoose Member

    Either a small sealed box for the sub (around 1-1.5cuft depending on the manufacturers specs) or sell the sub on ebay and look to get one Of andymac's stealth sub boxes - i think he got one to fit in an A4 avant - i dont know if they fit the salon though.

    you could also look to sell the sub and by a smaller 8 or 10

    what sub is it
  3. dunk

    dunk Member

    or build a stealth sub for the spare wheel well and use a can of tyreweld inflater stuff
  4. colintdi

    colintdi Member

    Don't like the idea of a using tyreweld with my wife driving the car, I might look into a stealth box. The sub Kenwood, I've had it for ages and it's probably not worth much. If i can fit the sub and amp with out any trouble i will if not I'n not spending money at the min to by new subs

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