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What sort of offset can you get away with on a s line avant

fozworth Jul 25, 2010

  1. fozworth

    fozworth Member

    I'm looking at some alloy wheels to replace my STD 18" rs6 wheels and wonders what off set range you can get away with. I posibly going to fit 19" so wondered if there's any issues with clearance.
  2. Rombus

    Rombus New Member

    I had et35 in 8x19 with coilovers screwed right down with zero scrubbing issues at all.

    it's more the width of wheel and offset that you need to be aware of, I also had et32 on 9x18 and they did scrub a little but were bob on flush with the arch, looked awesome!

    This is a handy calculator to help work out what you can get away with.

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