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What sort of discounts are we managing on the new A3

t955daytona Oct 23, 2012

  1. t955daytona

    t955daytona Guest

    I am looking at ordering a new A3 tdi S-line for my wife and was wondering what sort of discounts (If any!) people are managing to negotiate. The list price is just short of £30k with options which I would obviously like to get down a little. Any info or advice gratefully received, I have had a quick look on Broadspeed and Drive the deal.

    Regards Craig
  2. basilcat

    basilcat New Member

    My wife has just taken delivery of a 1.4 TFSI SE. By accepting a pre-built car that was already on the way to the dealer we got £1700 discount and around £1K more trade in on her A1 than we had previously been offered. Car had to be registered in January to get that deal. Seemed pretty good to me and in line with the best deals quoted on various internet discount sites. We didnt get to spec the car or choose the colour of course, but that didnt concern us too much.
  3. k.hemlin

    k.hemlin New Member

    From my recent experience, go to as many online brokers as you can and get the best price. For me this happened to be from UKNewCars with a discount of about £2800 off the list price of a decent spec 1.8 TFSI Sportback S-Line (I've posted here previously with my chosen spec). Then, approach your local Audi dealer with your requirements and and ask them to beat your online quote. Since the brokers deal direct with the manufacturers and take their fee out of the discounted price, you're actually cutting out the middle-man and saving the dealer a few hundred pounds by approaching Audi direct. Remind them of this! So, not only did I save the £2800 when I asked the dealer, but I also had a bit of bargaining power for Audi to throw in the car-care AutoGlym package.
    Good luck!
  4. faisal_16

    faisal_16 Member

    I got 5% off list price for mine as well as 4 year gap insurance for £200, free autoglym prep, aluminium pedal covers supplied & fitted, a full tank and finally, an umbrella!Not quite as much as the post above but a decent saving I think
  5. slade777

    slade777 Member

    I've been told that the retail side of Audi can offer up to 5% but the fleet department can go to about 8ish%. The online brokers deal directly with the fleet departments hence some reviews saying the service you get isn't the usual Audi experience. For 3% is it worth that, on a potential £25-30k car I think so.
  6. thesutex

    thesutex New Member

    7% off total price, with options + 1 year free insurance + 3 years free service
  7. nadsi77

    nadsi77 Member

    a salesman at my local audi centre (leeds audi) said they could do a discount of £1000 of list price on a a3 sportback, Not bad i think.

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