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What sockets required for an Audi a3 wheel bearing change.

marty1 Oct 5, 2011

  1. marty1

    marty1 New Member

    Hi, I have an Audi A3, 2.0l tdi 140, the car is on a 2004 plate, 8P?
    The front wheel bearing has gone, i bought one locally and it came with a new hub bolt and four bolts to secure the hub but i need help buying the correct sockets for the job.
    The hub bolt is 12 sided, around 24mm??? , maybe metric???, can anybody advise me on the correct socket required.

    The hub itself came with four bolts that secure it, they have a 12 sided pattern going into the head of the bolt (male), again i have no idea what size of socket i need to buy so i can get the bearing changed, please help, thanks

    Sorry for the re-post, initially posted this question in the wrong forum...
  2. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    Suggest you take the bearing kit you bought to your local motor factors and I am sure they will help you...

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