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What should I realistically be paying for...

oat Apr 16, 2009

  1. oat

    oat Member

    ...this! http://usedcars.audi.co.uk/carview.aspx?id=600538223

    OK the miles aren't the lowest but it has only had 2 owners and a full Audi history from the same original supplying dealer. It has been overserviced (haldex at every service).

    I have put a refundable deposit down (as all approved 8L's seem to sell immediately for asking price from main dealers) and going to view tomorrow. I have been told it's immaculate having also recently had a cambelt, waterpump, tensioners etc changed, new brakes/discs and various other bits and bobs to get it up to the approved used level (£1100 spent on doing this apparently)

    Now I realise you're going to pay more in buying from a main dealer but bearing in mind Audis' comprehensive warranty scheme/1 years piece of mind, being a minter and Audi spending the £ on getting it up to scratch/prepping is this a "realsitic" price to pay?
    Only after a lot of negotiating (dealers polite opening gambit when originally enquiring was they were not open to offers as they have received so many enquiries already) the dealer is only willing to tax it for a year and 1/2 a tank of fuel?

    In the past I've spoken to a few Audi main dealers and each time their S3s have sold within days if not hours for full asking price. In other words it seems Audi dealers are not open to negotiation on 8L S3s?

    All thoughts appreciated

  2. Andy_S3

    Andy_S3 Member

    Seems a fair price to me, especially if its a real minter from an Audi dealer. Id much rather pay that little extra if its been looked after. Will save money in the long run. But id still push for a full tank to seal the deal.
  3. MintyS3

    MintyS3 Works 60% the time, Everytime.

    Yeh well obviously from a private seller you would be looking to pay a good 2k less.

    Upto you but I would be looking for a better deal.
  4. Tastyterrier

    Tastyterrier Monkey Trainer

    Get them to refurb that alloy, it looks proper chewed!
  5. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    Seems a little high, but you probably won't get anything off that from a main dealer... and being "approved" does add peace of mind.

    Go for it.
  6. FazS3

    FazS3 Member

    If you like it just go buy it, whats half a tank of fuel going to make a difference???
  7. S3 Wannabe

    S3 Wannabe Member

    CO2 emission are interesting on it, 223g/km. -this will surely say 226 on the v5 and be in the higher band (when comapred to 210 models)??
  8. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 saloon S-line owners group Manual

    I was going to mention the co2 listing for it, as it doesnt seem right, should be 226 for a 225bhp model, its 223 for a 210bhp model.

    Also, i personally think the price is high, you could get the same car for about £6-7k easily at the mo, so just think you could get a car at that price and the extra £2-3k that you save you could put away just in case anything was to go wrong, not to say it would and even if it did, you would probably only need a fraction of that anyway!!

    Just my opinion of course, after all it is your decision :)

  9. oat

    oat Member

    Thanks for all the comments, I have pulled out of the deal after the salesman (twat!) spun me a yarn about it having a fresh MOT when infact less than 6 months remaining. Plus a few other porkies he's told me and not willing to budge on so **** them.
    If I'm spending top dollar on a car I want it to reflect this.
  10. afcjay

    afcjay Member

    as said already,look at private sales and save youself a few grand.
    was well overpriced wether it was mint or not imho
    the right one will come up soon so keep looking and dont rush into anything.
    good luck with your search
  11. WildBruce

    WildBruce Third Gear

    I paid the same amount just under a year ago for a car with 47 on the clock, personally I think walking away was right, as even form a dealer, I would expect a little less given the millage, and if the guys is feeding you BS, then who knows how the car was treated before hand.

    I prefer a private sale, as at least you get to meet the current owner. You don't have any way back if something goes wrong, but main dealers may try to wiggle out of it anyway.

    Happy hunting

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