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What should I do next?

NEUSPEED Dec 16, 2004


    NEUSPEED New Member

    Hi i am a new member here and i got a 2003 Audi A4 1.8T The modifications that i have done so far is just an APR chip(can use larger injectors for the stage I+), and a GFB blow off valve, and 28%quantum tint on all 4 side windows and 19% on back window. I have saved a good amount of money and i am wondering what i should do next to get most horsepower out of my car. I was thinking of upgrading my turbo and getting the ATP GT28RS turbo upgrade. I also am considering getting an EVO front-mount intercooler. Another thing that i was debating about is exhaust and i wasnt sure between the NEUSPEED of APR full cat back exhaust system. I'm not to sure what would be best and if you guys have any suggestions with what i should do then please let me know. Thanx.
  2. imported_Gibbsy

    imported_Gibbsy Guest

    As with any car just dont forget to upgrade the brakes too!

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